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What is

We are making protected but lost inventions assessable, removing all of the obstacles that usually stand in front of IP professionals like you. inventtory is bringing a new meaning to the two words that drove us to begin our journey – invention & inventory. To do this, we are creating a platform which returns Intellectual Property rights to their original

purpose: encouraging inspiration for future inventors. You and other members of this community will have access to a library of developed technology rights that are often misaligned with their owners. Creative people and professional organisations from around the world will be able to use this platform to monetise protected invention

Less writing more treating

Smart Patent Family’s smart patent generator guides you in capturing all relevant patent data. Within a few mouse clicks, you have uploaded and published a patent family. The platform automatically generates searchable tombstones tailored and featured according to your sales needs. manages all contractual, VAT and payment issues based on the buyer and seller profile. An online digital contract with all legal terms seals your deal. Your innovative user dashboard allows you to track your transactions and indirectly interact with counterparties.

IP Open Market

At inventtory we have made it our mission to solve the biggest problem in intellectual property: the lack of an open and liquid market. Technologists can’t effectively access and exchange intellectual property rights. And Inventors don’t know how to monetize or even how to price them. Throughout the history of business, people used open markets to make informed decisions. Our goal at inventtory is to make the IP economy more transparent. We thus decided to create the most actionable platform to trade patents, designs, plants and copy.

Intelligent Organization

Our mission at inventtory is to make the IP economy more transparent. To do this, we developed the most effective way to communicate the valuable qualities of a specific patent family – no matter how complicated it is, by region or regulation. The platform allows you and your organisation to present your IP on a global platform shared by your peers. The transparency offered by this tool means that you can now make better decisions based on more complete information.

Efficient, secure and accessible

Designed with security in mind, your records are safe and accessible anywhere you need them. inventorry is compliant with Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and UK signature regulations, so transactions are efficient, secure and private.


“At we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in intellectual property: a lack of a liquid market.”


“Time-and-time again I find that a research institution has abandoned a patent family that we would've paid readily for the assignment”

JasonTechnology Commercialisation Entrepreneur

“ helps me showcase our IP to the world in a way we could not do before. And it’s a window to patents locally and globally that we usually would never have heard about before.”

PeterTechnology Transfer Office professional